Original Pavlovic Ointment -
FAMILY (3-103 years of age)



Original Pavlovic Ointment - FAMILY (3-103 years of age) is used for daily care and protection of:

- skin in children over 3 years of age who are still prone to dry skin, since their skin is still in the phase of development of its natural protective mechanisms
- face and body in children and adults, after taking a bath and before going out and getting exposed to fresh air (protection against wind, sun and cold air),
- skin from stretch marks and to promote healing of rhagades,
- dry and chapped skin (elbows, heels….),
- skin against rashes caused by excessive sweating in skin folds and creases



The family ointment is applied in a thin layer over the clean and dry skin and gently rubbed in several times a day.

Age: 3-103 years

Volume/weight: 100ml